A painting made from a photo

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A painting of a photo

The beauty of having a painting made is that a beautiful moment or memory is immortalised in oil paint.

Painting a painting is always special. Our collection of paintings shows some of the paintings and portraits we have painted over time. All paintings with which someone has a special bond.

Painting of a photo

Our artists and portrait painters paint the paintings from photo. This can be on the basis of your own photo or a professional photo shoot by our artistic photographer.

A painting of your own photo has the advantage that you can choose a photo of a beautiful moment, or of a person or animal in a natural setting or posture, without someone being busy posing. Old and damaged photos can also be used for a beautiful painting.

If you don't have a suitable photo of yourself or if you want a nice formal portrait, our photographer will help you with a nice photo, which we will use as a basis for the painting.

Portrait painter

The portrait painter paints your child, pet, yourself, your house, your horse and ... basically everything you care about. The portrait painter can paint your art on commission - in the style you like.
Do you have an idea for a portrait or painting? Send us a photo or request, and we will send you a free advice and quotation for your painting.

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